The Sun


To connect with the sun and the element of fire.


Have you noticed the sun rising earlier in the east as spring nears?

The morning sun illuminates and brings forth the birth of a new day and new possibilities. The sun warms the earth, feeds the plants and moves the seasons.

In shamanism, the sun symbolizes illumination, enlightenment, passion, the birth of new life, new beginnings and the fires of life.

 The sun represents the element of fire and fire represents our spirit. Fire can teach about keeping our spirit alive and expansive through doing what we love, creativity and spending time with people we care for.


This reflection ceremony can be done outdoors, walking or sitting in nature on a sunny day or indoors by a window where the sun shines in.

Find a place where you are comfortable and take a few slow breaths deep into your abdomen, to centre yourself. Look at the sun in the sky, noticing its colour, its shape and its size. Feel the sun’s warmth on your body. Reflect on how the sun interacts with the earth. What is warmed by the sun? What is nourished by the sun? What is changed by the sun? In what ways does the sun warm, nourish and change you?

Reflect on the sun’s dependable presence. What does the sun illuminate and birth? Ask yourself what is being illuminated or birthed in your life.

Think of the fire of the sun. Can you feel your own inner fire? In what ways can you allow the fire to spark your dreams and create meaning in your life?

When you are finished your reflection, express your gratitude to the sun. You may wish to write your reflections in a journal or draw a symbol representing your connection with the sun.

If you are interested in attending group shamanic ceremonies in Vancouver, Calgary, or Toronto check out the site for more information:

Sun Reflections Ceremony

One thought on “Sun Reflections Ceremony

  • February 5, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Beautiful ceremony! It sure is nice to see more of our star.


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