To fertilize our dreams for the coming year utilizing the spark from the sun.


The ancient pagans considered the solstice to be a deep time of dreaming, where people could bring their dreams out of the darkness to be fertilized by the light of the sun. Solstice is the darkest, shortest day of the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere. After solstice, the sun begins to shine longer in the day sky until summer solstice when the days again begin to shorten.


This is a simple ceremony that can be done indoors and outdoors. You can make your own lantern from craft sites on the Internet or you can simply use a tea light in a votive. You will also need a lighter or a match.


Find a comfortable, quiet spot where you can connect with your inner wise one. Light your candle or lantern. Once you are settled, send your attention deep into your belly just below your navel with the intention of finding the dreams that lie deep in your inner knowing. Some people associate this feeling with “gut instinct.” It helps some people to close their eyes to connect with this inner space. Breathe to that place and with your mind’s eye, see a growing ball of light filling with your dreams. Ask your inner wise one to tell you what dreams want to be fertilized by the sun to be birthed in the coming year. Once you have your answers, send that ball of light into the candle flame to be sent up to Spirit. Allow that energy of your dreams to come back to you and feed you for a few minutes. When you feel complete, blow out your candle.

You can sit with your candle or lantern in meditation every day for the next seven days (a dreaming cycle) to lend energy to your dreaming if you wish. Make sure that you are sending this energy without attachment to how this dream might unfold, as it may not manifest in the way you expect. If you feel attachments, simply cut them away in your imagination wherever you feel them attached to your body.

After each meditation session, give thanks to the nature spirits and Great Spirit for helping you to identify and birth your dreams into the world.

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