What is Shamanism?

From: “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World” by M. Keffer and G. Carter

“Shamanism is a form of spirituality that regards the Earth and all the forms of life upon her as living and breathing entities. All life is seen as interconnected and evolving. Shamanism is a practice and a discipline that fosters deeper levels of presence, awareness, and interconnection with life. It draws upon age-old traditions yet often employs contemporary knowledge. Many of the ceremonies are simple. Some are involved and complex. But all of them can walk you through the doorway to meet yourself in a new way. Shamanism re-minds us to re-learn our balance and power from nature and from life.”

What is Ceremony?

Ceremonies are the most ancient form of spiritual technology on Earth. Ceremonies are simple or complex rituals that can be done indoors or outdoors. They take you out of non-ordinary time so you can hear the voice of your Higher Self (your soul). When you need direction in life, a ceremony can help you make decisions from the highest part of your being.

From: “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World” by M. Keffer and G. Carter:

“Your Higher Self…is a direct line to Spirit and it is always trying to get your attention. It tries to alert you to important moments of opportunity, even though they may be camouflaged by loss and sadness. It knows who you really are–beyond your ego’s protests and beyond your fears.”

Why might ceremony be important to do?

From: “The Magic Circle: Shamanic Ceremonies for the Child and the Child Within” by A. Dickie, J. Engracio, and K. Inksetter:

“You can discover magic yourself when you do ceremonies.  If you are already aware of the magic in the world, ceremony will help you discover even more magic! Ceremonies can teach us how to use magical tools (altars, medicine wheels, wands) to call something we want or need into our lives, for protection, for working with life’s challenges and for calling forth our gifts, so that we can live the best life we can while we are here on Earth.  Ceremonies can help change our inner worlds so that our lives work better and we are happier people.  I don’t know about you, but in my life, it can be so hard to hear my own voice among people telling me what I should do, what I should think and how I should act.  So many ‘shoulds’ can drive a person crazy!  As Grandmother Ann states, spending time doing ceremony can help people to hear their own voice so that they can follow their own inner wise magician in their lives:

Why do I do ceremony?  By doing ceremonies, I clear away all of the monkey noise in my head so I can discover my gifts to the world.  I discover magical mysterious me.  I hear the magician that is my higher self, who knows what I need to do and how to do it.  When I do ceremonies, I hear the song of the Universe and its vibrations so that I can vibrate in time with the Universe’s rhythms.  Ceremony sets me free to be me.”

I don’t feel comfortable doing ceremony on my own. Where can I find a group?

From: “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World” by M. Keffer and G. Carter:
“If you would prefer to work through some of these ceremonies within a group setting, that may also be possible. There are qualified ceremonial mentors who organize week long ceremonial gatherings during the summer at various locations. In such a group setting, you may acquire solid feedback, assistance, and the answers to any questions you might have. To find qualified ceremonial mentors, gatherings, or straightforward answers to questions you may have about the ceremonies, email info@rainbowbridgesociety.com”

What are Rites of Passage Ceremonies?

Rites of Passage Ceremonies have been done the world over by Earth-based cultures since the beginning of human existence. From birth to death, humans experience many transitions and life markers that shape their life walks. It is well known by shamanic practitioners that ceremonies that mark these changes through celebration, challenge, and learning are integral to healthy growth and maturation in the individual.

Some of these passages include: conception (for people wanting to conceive a child), mother blessings before the birth, welcoming the baby, naming the baby with their medicine name that is encoded with their life’s purpose, puberty rites for both girls and boys, marriage ceremonies, marking ceremonies (after a major completion or accomplishment), vision quests for finding direction in life, elder honouring ceremonies, death and grieving ceremonies- to name a few.

What is self-governance?

Self-governance means that each person is accountable for his/her own thoughts, words and deeds, taking full responsibility for the outcome of these in any given situation. Self-governance is aligning with truth and the Spirit of Life. It means being conscious of what is needed in the moment to be of service to Life while minimizing harm to self and other.

One thought on “FAQ’s

  • August 13, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    I am so thrilled that these ceremonies have been opened up so the people can begin to take command of their own healing journey through life. I am also impressed with the level of care the RBCS has taken in putting these ceremonies out into the world. I have benefited greatly from them over the years. Ceremony has changed my life for the better! I no longer live in a state of depression. I am excited about what each day will bring and although I still face challenges, I have more confidence in my ability to move through whatever life brings me. Thank you!

    Jen (Calgary, AB)


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