What is Ceremony?

Ceremonies are the most ancient form of spiritual technology on Earth. Ceremonies are simple or complex rituals that can be done indoors or outdoors. They take you out of non-ordinary time so you can hear the voice of your Higher Self (your soul). When you need direction in life, a ceremony can help you make decisions from the highest part of your being.

From: “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World” by M. Keffer and G. Carter:

“Your Higher Self…is a direct line to Spirit and it is always trying to get your attention. It tries to alert you to important moments of opportunity, even though they may be camouflaged by loss and sadness. It knows who you really are–beyond your ego’s protests and beyond your fears.”

Why is it important to do?

“Ceremonies make new spaces within you and help you to attract the changes you desire in your life.”
From: “Shamanic Ceremonies for a Changing World” by M. Keffer and G. Carter:

7 Veil Ceremonies

The Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society (RBCS) has been given the “sacred trust” to pass down the attached seven sacred ceremonies to assist humans during this transitional period of 2012-2013. These 7 Veils Transitional Ceremonies are for personal growth and healing, fostering collective evolution for human beings. There is much written about December 21, 2012. What the RBCS understands is that we stand at a powerful crossroads. Not one of ending and destruction, but of a movement to higher consciousness of balance, peace, beauty, and harmony within and with people from all walks of life. It is our hope that these ceremonies ease the transition for those who read and do these ceremonies. If we as humans are in balance, then we will end our misuse of Grandmother Earth. Sacred trust is an ancient understanding of safekeeping and protection of the ceremonies for future generations and to ensure the ceremonies are available to people for many years to come.

If you receive these ceremonies, feel free to forward them on in their entirety to friends, families, co-workers and like-minded groups.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Ceremonies are available upon request.

Ceremonial Offerings

Communicating with the worlds of Sacred Mother Earth — Animal World

Communicating with the worlds of Sacred Mother Earth — Plant World

Ceremonies of the World — A Ceremony to fullfil the Eagle and Condor Prophecy

Ceremonies of the World — Snake/Antelope ceremony of the Hopi

Ceremonies of the World — Thai Misogi: The Shinto Ceremony of Purification

Ceremonies of the World — Thai Songkran Water Festival

Ceremonies of the World — British Harvest Festival

Ceremonies of the World — Potlatch Ceremony of the Pacific Northwest

Ceremonies of the World — Mayan Spiritual Ceremony

Ceremonies of the World — National Sorry Day in Australia

Ceremonies of the World — Kay Nikte’ Ceremony

Ceremony: Poetry as Shamanic Journey

Ceremony: Gratitude Walk

Ceremony: Finding Stillness

Ceremony: Solstice Intentions

Ceremony: Sun Reflections

Ceremony: Relationship to the Earth

Ceremony: Water Ways

Ceremony: Animal Trance Dance

Ceremony: Breath of Air

Ceremony: Evolving Humans

Ceremony: Presence of Life

Ceremony: Ancestor Honouring

Ceremony: Victory Jar

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