Welcome to the RBCS!

Our intent is to keep you apprised of the activities of local RBCS communities as well as to offer ceremonies and articles of interest.

We are a spiritual Shamanic lineage dedicated to the ceremonial healing journey.  We offer a pathway of sacred knowledge for the healing of all generations.

Our Vision is that through ceremony we can all heal individually, collectively and globally and become balanced humans fostering life and learning, in alignment with Sacred Earth.

Our Mission is to offer a guide to ceremony and medicine wheel teachings for healing, spiritual growth, and transformation in a self-directed framework and in gathering together circles.
Our ceremonial pathways are dedicated to the people for the healing of oneself, one’s family spirals, and one’s ancestral lineages, in alignment with our Sacred Earth.

We are individually committed to our own balance and empowerment. Collectively we are guided by our commitment to fostering wellness in mind, heart, body and spirit.

We commit to and encourage the values of integrity, forgiveness, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, self-governance, and healing across the generations.

We seek to be honourable to life and of service to life.

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Dragon’s Breath is an RBCS song that celebrates the power
of the dragon totem as experienced from a child’s viewpoint

“Earth’s Heart Song” is an RBCS song that pays tribute to the health of families
and the strong ties we have as humans, to nature

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