Our intent is to keep you apprised of the activities of local RBCS communities as well as to offer ceremonies and articles of interest.

We are a spiritual Shamanic lineage dedicated to the ceremonial healing journey.  We offer a pathway of sacred knowledge for the healing of all generations.

Our Vision is that through ceremony we can all heal individually, collectively and globally and become balanced humans fostering life and learning, in alignment with Sacred Earth.

Our Mission is to offer a guide to ceremony and medicine wheel teachings for healing, spiritual growth, and transformation in a self-directed framework and in gathering together circles.
Our ceremonial pathways are dedicated to the people for the healing of oneself, one’s family spirals, and one’s ancestral lineages, in alignment with our Sacred Earth.

We are individually committed to our own balance and empowerment. Collectively we are guided by our commitment to fostering wellness in mind, heart, body and spirit.

We commit to and encourage the values of integrity, forgiveness, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, self-governance, and healing across the generations.

We seek to be honourable to life and of service to life.

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Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society – A Short History

RBCS LogoIn early 2006 Spirit revealed a vision to Crystal Light Warrior and Fire Dancer that was put out to the collective. It caught fire because many others also held the same vision. The Dream was to bring the knowledge of various streams of shamanism and healing modalities to the many seekers of Spirit through the creation of a new ‘Rainbow Bridge Society.’ The image was that on any night on Grandmother Earth, on any continent, people would be out doing ceremony on their own, transforming and healing, with the guidance of Spirit.

By the end of 2006 there was a gathering to birth the Rainbow Bridge Society, A People’s Path. This society fosters the use of ancient knowledge and healing tools to be shared openly with the people. All decisions would be made by a council of human beings guiding other humans into the Fifth World. The ‘Rainbow Bridge’ is a Hopi prophecy that represents the movement of humans into a new world of human evolution. The Fifth World refers to our remembering that we are part of the spirit world. It also describes the evolution of the human species and transformation of the human body to become more spirit-like.

The council was established to ensure that the integrity of ancient teachings was preserved. At the first meeting 32 men and women gathered on Gabriola Island to assist in the dreaming of a ceremonial pathway for the people to foster self-governance, self-responsibility,self-care, self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-authority,self-respect, self-discipline, self-forgiveness, and self-integrity. The structure of governance that was chosen was the Circle of Law that was and still is practiced by Native tribes to assist in the making of sound decisions. The original group dreamed the name Circle for Self-Governance as a way to understand the process of the Circle of Law. In 2009 the RBS legally became a society and changed its name to ‘Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society’ which more accurately reflected the ceremonial pathway being offered.

On behalf of the lineage, this circle of women and men known now as the RBCS decides how knowledge and ceremony can be used for the greater good of the people and the greatest outcome for human evolution. Moving at a rate that meets the needs of the people at such a dangerously critical and challenging time in the history of the human species, the vision is to make ceremonies widely available to all humans in alignment with the healing of themselves and Grandmother Earth. The teachings and the use of ceremony for transformation are tools too valuable not to go out to more and more people.

This knowledge already comes from many sources. When people use the healing tools they can be honourable, responsible, and impeccable; we guide and support this process in individuals and communities. People can also share the knowledge and tools with others so our healing can spread more quickly. Knowledge belongs to the people, not to any particular path with heart. Métis spiritual teacher Hyemeyohsts Storm once challenged a student, demanding, “Is this knowledge yours or does someone else own it?” He went on to ask, “Who owns the math you learned? Do you need permission to teach it? Is it yours to use?” It is in the spirit of service to the healing and evolution of our species for the greater good that the RBCS shares wisdom and healing technologies mined from the history of human experience.


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